COVID 19 Service update

Our community are no longer socially distancing from once another (although we will ensure any who would like to can continue to do so) and are able to enjoy more communal activities, refreshments, and lunch breaks. 

Each visitor to our building will be asked if they or any of their household members are experiencing any symptoms of COVID.  If the answer to this question is yes, we will not be able to invite the visitor in to join us.  We encourage visitors to undertake an LFT test before visiting us but understand that this may not always be possible. 

Visitors will now also be advised that wearing a mask while mobilising in our building is optional.

These changes do represent an increase of potential risk, but we are making them at a time when the risk posed by COVID is considered to be low in Gloucestershire.  Our measures to mitigate the increase in risks are:-

  • Staff and volunteer LFT testing regime maintained.
  • Staff and volunteers continue to wear PPE
  • Rooms ventilated
  • Shared surfaces regularly sanitised
  • Visitors to be discouraged from attending if they are experiencing any symptoms
  • Visitors to be prompted to sanitise hands on arrival and before any refreshment and lunch breaks

This plan has been discussed with Lesley Macleod Downes, Senior Infection Prevention and Control Nurse for Gloucestershire.  We will report any impact of these changes and continue to track the infection rate for COVID in Gloucestershire and to review and make changes to our infection control measures as necessary.  It is likely that we will need to make changes again in September/October, but in the meantime we can make the most of the opportunity for a break from more stringent measures and some hard earned freedom in our building.

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