Acquired Brain Injury – The Facts

What is Acquired Brain Injury?

A brain injury can result from physical damage following events such as a road traffic accident, a sporting injury, an industrial accident, an accident that happens at home, such as falling off a ladder.  A brain injury can also result from an illness, such as a stroke, a haemorrhage, neurological diseases, a virus or a tumour and its removal or treatment.  The brain controls everything we do which means that survivors of acquired brain injury and their families are often coming to terms with multiple problems, physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional and behavioural.

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The brain is divided into a number of different sections each with a number of different functions. The combination of symptoms which a person with a brain injury experiences therefore depends upon the part of the brain that has been damaged. People with a brain injury have damaged different parts of the brain and that is why each one’s condition is unique although many survivors share common experiences:-

Brain injury has an enormous impact on the entire family.

We work directly with survivors and their families to support on-going rehabilitation and recovery; and to help them come to terms with changes in family roles, cope with loss and build the resilience to respond together to new and unexpected challenges.

This support can begin from the moment of injury, or years afterwards, and continue for as long as it is needed.

More Information 

Headway UK the brain injury association publishes a series of Factsheets about head injury on their website.  Please click on the link below to see these:-